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TEA REVIEWS: Five teas available at Shibui Tea

Website: Shibui Tea UK / Shibui Tea Canada Twitter: @ShibuiTeaUK / @ShibuiTeaCanada Facebook: Shibui Tea Instagram: shibuitea Blog: Shibui Tea Blog Company location: Edinburgh, Scotland / Montréal, Québec This week I’ve had the pleasure of tasting five teas carried by Shibui Tea. … Continue reading

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TEA REVIEW: White 2 Tea – 2004 CNNP 7262

Tea and origin: Ripe puerh cake that has been dry aged in the south of China Twitter: @TwoDogTeaBlog Facebook: White 2 Tea Blog: White 2 Tea Blog Link to CNNP 7262 White 2 Tea recently sent me this ripe puerh, … Continue reading

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TEA EVENT: Whittington’s Tea Emporium’s tea and cheese tasting

On Wednesday, 3 December, Whittington’s Tea Emporium (WTE) hosted a tea and cheese tasting event at La Cave a Fromage in Notting Hill. The owner of WTE, Kyle Whittington, along with cheese master, Alec from La Cave a Fromage, put … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Teasenz – Chocolate Pu Erh Tea Bar (2008)

Tea and origin: Puerh tea from the Wayao Village in Yunnan province, China Twitter: Teasenz Facebook: Teasenz Link to Chocolate Pu Erh Tea Bar Before you run away because you don’t like flavoured tea, this tea isn’t a chocolate-flavoured puerh – … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Tip Top Tea – Menghai tuo-cha – RIPE pu-erh (2007)

Tea: Ripe (Shu) pu-erh tea from Menghai County, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China Sample provided by: Tip Top Tea Twitter: @tiptoptea Link to Menghai tuo-cha on Tip Top Tea website Pu-erh is an extremely complex tea that, if stored and aged properly, develops complex, … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Canton Tea Co – Cooked Mini Beeng Cha (2012)

Tea: Cooked puerh tea from Yun Xian county, Yunnan (produced in 2012) Purchased at: Canton Tea Co website Link to Cooked Mini Beeng Cha on Canton Tea Co website Dry leaf: – Before breaking up the cake, I detected a … Continue reading

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