TEA REVIEWS: Green Tea Guru – Dan Cong Oolong & Da Hong Pao ‘Big Red Robe’ Wu Yi Rock Tea (Yancha)

Green Tea Guru - oolongs

Don’t let the name fool you: Green Tea Guru is not all about green tea. Green Tea Guru, an online tea shop based in Guilford, UK, carries a large selection of green, black, oolong, puerh and white teas. It is my pleasure today to be reviewing two oolongs that they stock. I love roasted oolongs, and I especially love a good Dan Cong.

Dan Cong Oolong

Tea and origin: Roasted oolong tea from Guangdong, China
Roast: 30%
Twitter: @GreenteaguruTea
Facebook: Green Tea Guru
YouTube: Green Tea Guru
Link to Dan Cong Oolong

The Green Tea Guru recently returned from a trip to Hong Kong and China to source teas. One of the teas that the Green Tea Guru is most excited about sourcing is this Dan Cong.

Tasting notes

Dry leaf: Full, twisted leaves that have a very light floral aroma

Wet leaf: Sweet and floral

Liquor colour: Light golden

Liquor aroma: Light floral aroma with a roasted undertone

Liquor flavour: The liquor is dominated by floral and sweet flavours. It also has a                                             subtle roasted flavour. The liquor has a mild amount of                                                               astringency. It has a dry finish and floral and roasted notes leave a                                         long-lasting aftertaste in the mouth

Infusion method: Gong fu style with gaiwan or Yixing teapot                                                                                     5 grams of tea                                                                                                                                         150ml of 95C water                                                                                                                               Infusion times: 1m, 1m 30s, 2m, 2m 30s                                                                                         5+ infusions


I’ve had a lot of Dan Congs lately that were good, but not especially complex and flavourful. This Dan Cong is special. The aroma of the dry leaf and the infused liquor doesn’t give much away, but the aroma of the wet leaves and the flavour of the tea are exceptional. The wet leaves have a strong floral aroma, and the liquor has layers of complex floral, sweet and roasted flavours. This tea is very good value for money, and Dan Cong drinkers won’t be disappointed.

Retail price: 10 grams fro £2 / 25 grams for £4.50 /50 grams for £8 / 100 grams for £14


Da Hong Pao ‘Big Red Robe’ Wu Yi Rock Tea (Yancha)

Tea and origin: Roasted oolong tea from Wuyi, Fujian Province, China
Twitter: @GreenteaguruTea
Facebook: Green Tea Guru
YouTube: Green Tea Guru
Link to Da Hong Pao

Da Hong Pao ‘Big Red Robe’ is Green Tea Guru’s tea of the month. Use code dhp20 to receive 20% off this tea for the month of April.

Tasting notes

Dry leaf: A mix of large and medium-sized leaves that have a sweet aroma

Wet leaf: First infusion: spicy – cinnamon notes. Subsequent infusions: Floral – rose-                         like notes

Liquor colour: Golden to copper

Liquor aroma: Spicy and floral

Liquor flavour: Complex liquor that has spicy, floral, sweet and roasted flavours. The                                     roast is light, so the floral and sweet flavours are not masked. It has a                                     mild astringency and a slightly dry finish

Infusion method: Gong fu style with gaiwan or Yixing teapot                                                                                     5 grams of tea                                                                                                                                         150ml of 95C water                                                                                                                               Infusion times: 30s, 1m, 1m 30s, 2m                                                                                                 5 infusions


The layers of flavour in this Da Hong Pao make it a great tea. I find that some Da Hong Paos and roasted oolongs can have a great roasted flavour, but that their flavour is rather one-dimensional. The roast on this tea is subtle, thus allowing other floral, sweet and spicy flavours and aromas to come through. This tea will definitely hold your interest as you work through the infusions. It is a real treat.

Retail price: 10 grams for £3.10 / 25 grams for £7 / 50 grams for £13.50 / 100 grams for £25


Overall comments

These are both excellent teas. They are loaded with complex flavours, and they are priced very well considering how good they are. I cannot recommend one over the other – but I would recommend trying both!


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