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When I started my tea blog in April 2013 I had no idea where my readers might come from. Being based in the UK, I figured most of my readers would be British, and I suspected a lot of readers would come from the US because of the amount of tea blogs coming out of that country.

While my ultimate goal is to get views from every country in the world, I feel quite honoured to have had readers from 86 countries thus far. If we are working under the assumption that there are 196 countries in the world (a number disputed by some), I still have a ways to go, but I think things are filling in nicely. My top 15 views by country are as follows:

1. United Kingdom
2. United States
3. Germany
4. Canada
5. Taiwan
6. Australia
7. India
8. Turkey
9. Italy
10. Spain
11. Japan
12. Netherlands
13. Columbia
14. France
15. Brazil

Lots of views VS. no or few views:
The majority of the countries where I had the most views come of no surprise to me. One factor is that most of these countries have either very established tea cultures, tea industries and/or they grow a lot of tea. Another factor is that my blog is written in English. While there are a number of countries in my top 15 that do not have English as their primary language, English is clearly the lingua franca of the world, thus making it globally accessible. Views from Italy and France used to surprise me, but I’ve recently read or heard about a growing interest in tea in these countries. Columbia and Brazil still baffle me because I don’t think of them having thriving tea cultures. Perhaps I just have a couple devoted readers in these countries.

There are some noticeable gaps on my map. Much of central and Sub-Saharan Africa, central Asia and quite a few countries in central and South America are blank. Conceivably some of the gaps in Africa and Asia are due to a lack of internet access or government-imposed blocks on blogs or social media/networking websites. No views in North Korea, Iran and Belarus could possibly be explained by this. Two countries that I’m surprised I haven’t had more views from are China and Ireland. In China, there might be some hurdles to get around to view blogs, or they are just not interested in what some bloke in the UK has to say about tea (which is fair enough). And in Ireland, perhaps it is because I have not reviewed any teas from Irish companies, something that I would like to do in the near future.

Filling up the map
I will keep doing reviews and trying as many teas as possible, and hopefully by this time next year I can report that I’ve reached every nook and cranny on the globe. One thing that I love about tea is its globality: it is the second-most consumed drink behind water and there are so many different tea cultures around the world.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope you return many times!

I would to hear where you are from, so please write a comment and tell me where you are based.


About teaxplorer

I grew up in the Midwest of the US and was introduced to tea at a very young age - unsweetened iced tea, that is! It was not until my early 20s, when I was seeking a lighter alternative to coffee, that I took tea drinking to a new level. I still remember my mother suggesting that I try putting milk in a cup of black tea (something that actually sounded a bit repulsive at the time, but I gave it a go). I quickly became tired of supermarket tea and started ordering teas from shops and companies all over the US. Throughout my 20s and now into my early 30s, pursuits in higher education studies, work opportunities and marriage have given me opportunities to live in the UK, Canada and Germany and travel around the world, which has sparked an even greater interest in tea and the culture of tea. This blog is my outlet to discuss my love of tea and show off some of my photos. All images and opinions on this blog are my own, unless stated otherwise. I retain copyright on all photographs, but please do not hesitate to contact me at teaxplorer@gmail.com if you wish to reproduce any of my images. Likewise, if you would like me to review and photograph any teas for you, please get in touch. I would be happy to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I hope you return many times! Happy drinking! Drew B (@teaxplorer)
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3 Responses to TEA TOPICS: Blog views by country

  1. THE TEA BEE says:

    This is really interesting. I started my golf only a few weeks ago and love looking at where people are viewing from. I sell my tea online and send all over, France, Canada, UK. Your blog is great I have found it throughout the tea people face book page. If you get the chance take a peek at my blog. She’s only a baby!! http://WWW.THETEABEE.COM X

  2. THE TEA BEE says:

    Blog* not golf.. That would be strange :/ x

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