REVIEW: What-Cha – A trio of Nepalese second flush green teas

What-Cha - Nepal teas1-001

Today I’m reviewing three second flush green teas from Nepal that are available for purchase at What-Cha. Over the past couple of months, I’ve tried a couple oolong Nepalese teas that really impressed me because of their unique flavours and high quality, but these are the first green Nepalese teas I’ve ever tried. All of them come from the same tea estate in East Nepal, but my initial reaction to seeing the differences in dry leaf appearance and the aroma of the dry leaf gives me great optimism that this going to be an interesting tasting experience. Read on to see what I make of these teas.

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REVIEW: Nothing But Tea – Tai Ping Hou Kui (2014)


Tea: Green tea from Anhui province, China
Sample provided by: Nothing But Tea
Twitter: @Nothingbuttea
Link to Tai Ping Hou Kui

Dry leaf:

- The dry leaf consists of long, broad, flattened whole leaves that are one to one and half inches long

- It has a pronounced sweet aroma

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REVIEW: What-Cha: Azores Shade-Grown Orange Pekoe ‘Ponta Branca’ Black Tea

Tea: Black tea from Gorreana Tea Estate, Sao Miguel Island, The Azores
Sample provided by: What-Cha
Twitter: @What_Cha_Tea
Facebook: What-Cha
Link to Azores Shade-Grown Orange Pekoe ‘Ponta Branca’

A couple of weeks ago, I was in contact with company director of What-Cha, Alistair Rea, about reviewing some teas. I had not heard of What-Cha, but after browsing their website, I was completely taken by their vast tea selection and approach to tea. Founded only last April and based in Islington (north London), What-Cha stocks an impressive assortment of white, green, yellow, black, oolong and purple teas from tea-growing regions all over the world. When I got some samples from What-Cha, I couldn’t wait to review their Kenya Steamed Purple Varietal Green Tea, as it is a tea I don’t see every day. I also really like What-Cha’s approach to tea: they strive for demystification of where their products come from, and they promote accessibility to new teas by selling smaller, fairly-priced packs of tea so customers can try new products.

I find my second review for What-Cha as exciting as the first. Today, I’m trying an Azores tea from the Gorreana Tea Estate, the oldest tea estate in Europe. I’ve been wanting to try an Azores tea for quite some time, but I have not seen many places in Britain that stock it. What-Cha has a great selection of Azores teas. Read on to see what I thought about their Shade-Grown Orange Pekoe ‘Ponta Branca’ Azores tea.

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TEA TOPICS: Special Event at Postcard Teas – Three Kyoto Craftsmen

Postcard Teas EventThis past Wednesday (10 September), I was fortunate enough to attend the Postcard Teas’ first special event featuring three craftsmen from Kyoto. If you are in London today (13 September), Postcard Teas is putting the same event on from 2 to 6pm at their shop on Dering Street. Along with the craftsmen demonstrating their skills, Yusuke, a master tea bowl maker, will be whisking up matcha from 2 to 5pm. RSVP not needed. Read on to find out more about each craftsman.

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REVIEW: Nothing But Tea – Pu Erh Chai


Tea: Cooked puerh tea with chai spices (fennel seeds, aniseed, liquorice, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and cloves)
Sample provided by: Nothing But Tea
Twitter: @Nothingbuttea
Link to Pu Erh Chai

I love chai and I love puerh, but I’ve never had a puerh chai, nor have I ever tried a flavoured puerh. So . . . let’s dig in!

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REVIEW: What-Cha – Kenya Steamed Purple Varietal Green Tea

Tea: Green tea produced from purple varietal tea plants from Mount Kenya Region
Sample provided by: What-Cha
Twitter: @What_Cha_Tea
Facebook: What-Cha
Link to Kenya Steamed Purple Varietal Green Tea

I’ve been really wanting to try some of the non-black teas coming out of east Africa. I have heard great things, so I was super chuffed to receive a sample of this Kenyan tea from What-Cha to see what the fuss is all about. Read on to see what I thought . . .

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REVIEW: The Tea Experience – Darjeeling First Flush FTGFOP1 Makaibari Estate

Tea: First flush Darjeeling tea from the Makaibari Estate
Sample provided by: The Tea Experience
Twitter: @tea_experience
Facebook: The Tea Experience
Link to Darjeeling First Flush Makaibari Estate

I really enjoy hearing from new tea shops and reviewing some of their tea. Today, I’m trying a first flush Darjeeling from The Tea Experience, an online tea shop located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The Tea Experience not only stocks a variety of teas, but they carry teaware and accessories.

This review is also well timed since Makaibari tea has recently made a big media splash. A silver tips Makaibari recently became the most expensive Indian tea ever soldContinue reading

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