TEA REVIEW: TeaFromVietnam – Red Lily Black Tea

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Red Lily is the black tea version of Golden Lily, one of four oolongs that started being developed in Taiwan in the 1950s. Golden Lily proved so popular as an oolong that green and black tea were later produced.

Read on to find out more about TeaFromVietnam’s Red Lily.

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TEA REVIEWS: ChaTale’s West Lake Long Jing & Bamboo Tea

Cha Tale
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Company location: London, UK

ChaTale is tea club/subscription service that delivers two teas to you each month. There are four subscriptions to choose from: Yummy Breakfast, Detox, Caffeine Cleanse and Caffeine Free. Typically a subscription costs £6.49 per month (shipping included), and you receive enough tea for 20 to 40 cups, but for one week only, ChaTale is offering new customers an opportunity to try 30 cups of loose leaf tea for £1. Use code ‘DREW20’ when checking out to take advantage of this offer.

Today I’m reviewing two teas available in ChaTale’s subscription service. Read on to find out more about its West Lake Long Jing and Bamboo Tea.

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TEA REVIEWS: Three green teas available at TeaFromVietnam

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Website: TeaFromVietnam
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Company location: Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

TeaFromVietnam is a family-owned business in Thai Nguyen. The Vu family started growing tea in Thai Nguyen after World War I, and it is one of the first families to start tea production in the area. Selling tea on a world-wide scale started after the the eldest sibling in the Vu family wanted to gain more recognition for Vietnamese tea. He was an avid tea drinker and believed that Vietnamese tea – with proper cultivation and production – could rival teas from other well-known tea-growing areas around the world.

TeaFromVietnam sells a selection of green, black and oolong teas. It ships world-wide and offers free shipping on orders over $30USD. Today I am reviewing three green teas, and in the coming weeks I will review some oolongs and a black tea it sells.

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TEA REVIEWS: Five teas available at Wan Ling Tea House

Wan Ling Tea House

Website: Wan Ling Tea House
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Facebook: Wan Ling Tea House
Blog: Tea Articles
Company location: Blandford St. Mary, Dorset, UK / Shanghai, China / Woolongong, Australia

Last month it was my pleasure to be in contact with James at Wan Ling Tea House about reviewing some teas. Wan Ling Tea House is a global tea company that has tea houses in China and Australia, as well as trades online in the UK. One of Wan Ling’s company objectives is bring tea drinkers together from all over the world by sell top-quality loose leaf and by providing information about tea and tea cultures. Wan Ling Tea House has online tea articles and runs tea events and tea classes to get the word out.

Wan Ling’s online shop has an extensive collection of tea pots, cups, trays, sets, accessories and loose leaf teas. Whilst all Wan Ling’s teas are impressive, you should not miss out on trying some of its Tie Guan Yin oolong teas, which are specially selected and bought from tea farmers in  AnXi county, Fujian province, China. Today I am reviewing four of Wan Lin’s Tie Guan Yin oolong teas and one Yunnan black tea.

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TEA REVIEWS: Grey’s Teas – Kenyan and Ceylon white teas

Grey's Teas white final

Website: Grey’s Teas
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Blog: Grey’s Teas Blog
Company location: Warwick, UK

In May I reviewed a handful of spring 2015 teas available at Grey’s Teas. You can find those reviews by clicking here. Today I’m pleased to be reviewing two white teas from the spring 2015 harvest that are from areas not particularly well-known for white tea production – Kenya and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Whilst the Kenyan and Sri Lankan tea markets have much experience producing black teas, both are branching out and producing green, oolong, dark and white teas, and with great success, in my opinion.

Read on to see what I make of Grey’s Teas Kenya White Lelsa Silver Tip and Ceylon Oodoowerre Silver Needle White.

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TEA REVIEW: Global Tea Hut – Summer 2015, “Elevation”: Big-leaf Red Tea, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Global Tea Hut

Website: Global Tea Hut
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Blog: Global Tea Hut: Tea & Tao Magazine
Company location: Miaoli, Taiwan

I am very grateful to Jaye (@CardiffTeaCup) and Paul (@paullovestea) for graciously sending me a gift through Global Tea Hunt’s subscription service. When you subscribed to Global Tea Hut for $50 to $175, you can send a gift to a friend. Read more here.

Global Tea Hut is a tea subscription service that sends subscribers a rare tea each month, as well as a magazine and a gift (e.g. tea chocolates, cloths, teaware, etc). Global Tea Hut operates by getting donations from tea farmers. It then packs and sends the tea, magazine and gift to subscribers in more than 30 countries. Subscribers can donate between $20 and $500 per month to receive their Global Tea Hut tea, magazine and gift. Moreover, Global Tea Hut is working to build a global tea community by featuring subscribers in its magazine, setting up web forums and hosting tea events around the world (e.g. in Los Angeles, Moscow, Barcelona, Estonia, Australia and France).  All donations from subscribers are used to run a free tea centre in Miaoli, Taiwan.

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Last year I wrote a piece about Moroccan tea culture and got a response from a reader about how they had similar mint tea in southern Spain. So when I recently visited Granada, I wanted to investigate the tea scene.

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