TEA REVIEW: Lochan Tea – Doke Black Fusion (first flush 2015)

Tea and origin: Handmade first flush black tea from Bihar, India
Harvest date: Spring 2015
Twitter:  @rajiv_lochan
Facebook: Lochan Tea
Link to Doke Black Fusion

I recently acquired a sample of Lochan Tea‘s Doke Black Fusion through a friend and was very keen to taste it as soon as possible.

For the moment I opened the sample pack, the aroma and appearance of the dry leaf gave off a very strong first impression: it has a bold, fruity and malty aroma, and the beautiful leaves will surely grab your attention. It is an intriguing tea, as the aroma and appearance do not strike me as your stereotypical Indian tea.

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TEA REVIEW: Canton Tea Co – Khongea Assam Gold

Tea and origin: Clonal Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (CLGFBOP) Assam black tea from the Khongea Estate in the Sivasagar region, India
Twitter: @cantontea
Facebook: Canton Tea Co
Link to Khongea Assam Gold

Canton Tea Co is expanding the number of Assam and Darjeeling teas they stock. This Khongea Assam Gold, which Won the North American Tea Championships Assam category 2014, is one of their newest additions. The family-run Khongea Estate was first recommended to Canton Tea Co by tea expert and historian Jane Pettigrew.

Khongea Assam Gold is a clonal tea that comes from the Panetola126 clone. The Panetola126 clone is known for the golden tips it produces. The dry leaf of this tea looks stunning, and it is easy to understand how it got this reputation.

For more information about Khongea Assam Gold, check out Canton Tea Co’s blog post.

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TEA REVIEW: White 2 Tea – Obsx Oolong Tea – Wuyi Yancha

Tea and origin: Medium roasted oolong tea from Fujian province, China
Twitter: @TwoDogTeaBlog
Facebook: White 2 Tea
Blog: White 2 Tea Blog
Link to Obsx

Obsx (old bush shui xian) was recently added to White 2 Tea‘s line of oolongs. I love roasted oolongs, and I find Shui Xian oolongs particularly special.

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TEAWARE REVIEW: Baraka Teas – Revolutionary Glass Tea Infuser


Teaware: Revolutionary Glass Tea Infuser 500ml
Twitter: @BarakaTeas
Facebook: Baraka Teas
Link to Revolutionary Glass Tea Infuser

I’m pretty traditional when it comes to the teaware that I use. That said, I support and I am very keen to try any teaware that makes loose leaf tea more attractive to people, as well as making it easier to prepare.

When reviewing teaware, I typically ask myself these questions:

How does the tea taste?

Is it easy to clean?

Does this teaware really make tea-making simpler?

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TEA REVIEWS: What-Cha – Two Malawi teas from the Satemwa Tea Estate

What-Cha - Malawi Teas

Today I’m reviewing a black tea and a dark tea from the Satemwa Tea Estate in Malawi that are available for purchase at What-Cha. The black tea consists of full leaves that have been lightly oxidised and hand rolled. The dark tea, which is comparable to a shou puerh, is thought to be the only dark tea currently being produced in Africa.

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TEA REVIEW: White 2 Tea – 2004 CNNP 7262


Tea and origin: Ripe puerh cake that has been dry aged in the south of China
Twitter: @TwoDogTeaBlog
Facebook: White 2 Tea
Blog: White 2 Tea Blog
Link to CNNP 7262

White 2 Tea recently sent me this ripe puerh, and I’ve been itching to try it. It has a good ageing on it, and I’m hoping for a refined puerh. Read on to see what I think.

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TEA REVIEWS: Two 2015 teas available at What-Cha

What-Cha - Rohini 2015
What-Cha just got these two 2015 teas in, and I feel very honoured to taste these teas just weeks after their picking!

First off, I’m going with a Ceylon tea that was harvested on 18 February at the Amba Tea Estate. Second, I’ll be trying a Darjeeling from the Rohini Tea Estate that was harvested during the first week of February. Both smell unbelievably fresh and look beautiful – let’s get to tasting.

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