Last year I wrote a piece about Moroccan tea culture and got a response from a reader about how they had similar mint tea in southern Spain. So when I recently visited Granada, I wanted to investigate the tea scene.

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TEA REVIEWS: Three teas available at Yeh Tea

Yeh logo Yeh Tea

Website: Yeh Tea
Twitter: @YehTeaCouture
Facebook: Tea Hearts
Company location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing three teas available at Yeh Tea, an Amsterdam-based company. Yeh Tea carries a large selection of green, black, white, blended and herbal organic teas, as well as tea accessories. Yeh Tea ships worldwide.

Read on to see what I think about Yeh Tea’s Bi Luo Chun, Gyokuro and Yunnan.

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TEA NEWS: The Premio Dardos Awards


I would like to thank Kayleigh at KittyLovesTea for her nomination for the Premio Dardos Awards – bloggers. Kayleigh has a detailed description of the award, so please visit her blog for more information. And while you are there, take some time to check out her excellent tea blog!

Writing my blog over the past two-and-a-half years has been exciting, and I hope I’ve provided my readers with interesting articles and reviews. I love the network I’ve created with tea lovers all over the world through my blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The Premio Dardos Awards asks that I nominate another blogger for the award. It also asks that I tell three things about myself.

My nomination is:

Mehmet Emin Akyuz, who runs the blog Chapedia. His blog is full of great tea reviews and articles about other tea-related topics. Mehmet also has a wonderful Instagram feed. Mehmet is based in Istanbul, Turkey, and his family grows tea in Rize Province of the country.

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TEA REVIEWS: Five teas available at Shibui Tea

Shibui Tea - collection

Website: Shibui Tea UK / Shibui Tea Canada
Twitter: @ShibuiTeaUK / @ShibuiTeaCanada
Facebook: Shibui Tea
Instagram: shibuitea
Blog: Shibui Tea Blog
Company location: Edinburgh, Scotland / Montréal, Québec

This week I’ve had the pleasure of tasting five teas carried by Shibui Tea. Shibui Tea is a family-run business that trades in the UK and Canada. John runs things in the UK, whilst Paul heads up the Canadian trade.

Shibui Tea sells an extensive selection of loose leaf teas, pyramid tea bags and teaware. Today I’m reviewing five teas from Shibui Tea’s range, which is just a small snip-it of the 200+ teas and herbal infusions it currently sells.

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TEA NEWS AND TEA REVIEW: Tea Studio has a new website and a new blend

logo (1)

Website: Tea Studio
Twitter: @teastudio
Facebook: Tea Studio
Instagram: tea_studio_london
Blog: Tea Studio Blog
Company location: London, UK

As I mentioned in a review in June, things were moving and shaking at Tea Studio. Whittington’s Tea Emporium (WTE) recently merged with Tea Studio, and the founder of WTE, Kyle Whittington, would continue to run his popular tea events at the new Tea Studio company location at Trinity Buoy Wharf, and he planned to redesign the Tea Studio website and introduce new teas. Those changes are now complete.

You can check out Tea Studio’s new website by clicking here. The homepage is very user-friendly, as it is divided into three main sections from which you can explore Tea Studio’s tea range, teaware and up-coming tea events. It also has a menu bar at the top of the homepage with buttons to learn more about the art used on Tea Studio’s packaging, as well as links to its blog, contact page and so on.

With the release of its new website, Tea Studio has also introduced a new blend called Studio 15 Trinity Blend. To pay tribute to its new location at Trinity Buoy Wharf, which is near East India Dock, Tea Studio wanted to create a blend that reflects changes in the tea trade in Britain during the 18th century. In the early days of the tea trade, China was supplying Britain, but as trading relations soured, Britain planted tea gardens in India to try to satisfy tea demand at home. During the 18th century, the British market transitioned from reliance on Chinese black tea to Indian/Assam black tea. Some companies still have English breakfast teas that are pure Keemun because that was the original English breakfast recipe. Studio 15 Trinity Blend has Assam and Keemun, but it has one other tea to give it a nice kick. Read on to find out more about this tea.

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TEA REVIEWS: Four teas available at Valley of Tea


Website: Valley of Tea
Twitter: @ValleyofTea
Facebook: Valleyoftea
Company location: Bruges, Belgium

This is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to review teas from a Belgium-based company. Valley of Tea is an online teashop that carries a variety of black, green, white, oolong and puerh teas. European and US orders over 50€ will receive free delivery.

Today I’m reviewing four teas stocked by Valley of Tea. Three of the teas were picked in spring 2015. They are extremely fresh and packed with flavour. And one tea – a white peony – was harvested in 2014 and has been aged to refine its flavours.

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TEA BOOK REVIEW: Linda Gaylard’s The Tea Book


Gaylard, L. (2015) The Tea Book. 1st Ed. London: Dorling Kindersley Limited.
Price: £14.99

Linda Gaylard, who runs the website The Tea Stylist and is a certified tea sommelier and a widely-published author on tea-related topics, has recently written The Tea Book. The book provides an excellent foundation to explore the immense world of tea, and it is Gaylard’s ambition to provide an accessible introduction to tea for beginners and more seasoned drinkers.

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