REVIEW: Teasenz – Fujian Siver Needle White Tea (spring 2014)


Tea and origin: White tea from Fuding & Zhenghe Village, Fujian, China
Twitter: Teasenz
Facebook: Teasenz
Link to Silver Needle

Although I rarely go for a white tea when I’m craving a lighter tea, I can definitely appreciate good white teas. From the moment I opened the pouch with this tea from Teasenz, I was intrigued – the dry leaf is beautiful and very aromatic.

Read on to see what I think about this tea.

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REVIEW: What-Cha – Nepal 1st Flush 2014 Clonal Delight Black Tea


Tea and origin: Black tea from Greenland Organic Farm, East Nepal
Twitter: @What_Cha_Tea
Facebook: What-Cha
Link to Nepal 1st Flush

In October I reviewed a second flush black tea from Nepal and was extremely impressed. It had a wonderful sweetness and little to no astringency. Today I’m reviewing a first flush black tea from Nepal, and I can tell from one smell of the dry leaves that it is going to be very different. Read on to see why this tea differs so much from the second flush.

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REVIEW: Teabox – 2014 Himalayan Red Thunder (Autumn) Darjeeling Oolong Tea


Tea and origin: Oolong tea from Darjeeling
Twitter: @TeaBoxInt
Facebook: Facebook
Link to Himalayan Red Thunder

This is the first time I’ve had the pleasure to review a tea from Teabox. Based in India, Teabox is an online tea shop that has partnered up with estates in Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri to ship high-quality and fresh teas to customers. Teabox carries an impressive selection of single estate black, green, oolong and white teas, as well as chai and blends. Today I’m reviewing one of their oolong teas. Read on to see what I think of their Himalayan Red Thunder.

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REVIEW: What-Cha – Vietnam Wild ‘Tiger Monkey’ Green Tea


Tea and origin: Green tea from Lung Phin, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam
Twitter: @What_Cha_Tea
Facebook: What-Cha
Link to ‘Tiger Monkey’

Today I’m reviewing a wild growing green tea from Vietnam. The tea is dried by using a wood fired cast iron pan, not a drum oven. The appearance and aroma of the dry leaf instantly sparked my interest because it looks and smells so different from the ‘Fish Hook’ Vietnamese tea I reviewed last week. Read on to see why it is a unique green tea.

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TEA NEWS: Interview with Alex Holland, Founder of the Real Tea People

PR_Brew-88 (2)

Today, teaxplorer is chatting with Alex Holland, Founder of the Real Tea People, who is running TEA and ALCOHOL, a tea cocktail pop-up this month in Brixton.

teaxplorer: What’s TEA and ALCOHOL?

Alex: Classic cocktails made better with tea. For example an Grey and Tonic, which is like a traditional G&T where the gin has been infused with a lightly bergamotted Earl Grey.

teaxplorer: Why are you doing TEA and ALCOHOL?

Alex: The Real Tea People are reversing the decline of our national drink by converting you to loose leaf tea. We treat tea like a real drink, one which deserves at least the same level of respect as coffee or wine.

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TEA EVENT: Whittington’s Tea Emporium’s tea and cheese tasting

WTE - Tea and Cheese

On Wednesday, 3 December, Whittington’s Tea Emporium (WTE) hosted a tea and cheese tasting event at La Cave a Fromage in Notting Hill. The owner of WTE, Kyle Whittington, along with cheese master, Alec from La Cave a Fromage, put on a brilliant two-hour pairing of six teas and cheeses.

Last June I went to a tea and Asian food tasting that WTE hosted at the noodle house. At this event Kyle told me about plans to organise a tea and cheese tasting. He had recently tried some yellow tea with a hard cheese and immediately fell in love. Trying not to look too sceptical, I could not help but wonder if this would be a crowd pleaser. Judging by ticket demand for his tea and cheese tastings, and my wonderful experience at the event, any scepticism I had is definitely gone. Kyle was spot on – tea and cheese is a great combination.

Tea meets cheese

Before tasting the first pairing, Kyle and Alec explained why they thought tea and cheese worked so well. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Tombo Tea – Zen Sencha


Tea and origin: Sencha green tea from the Maruyama Tea Estate near Mt Fuji, Japan
Website: Tombo Tea
Twitter: @tombo_london
Link to Zen

Last week I enjoyed reviewing Tombo’s Bonsai tea (Genmaicha with Matcha). Today I’ll be tasting Tombo’s Zen Sencha. Sencha is one of my favourite green teas, and I love that this tea has various degrees of grassy, sweet and salty flavours depending where it is grown. Let’s see how Tombo’s Zen Sencha stacks up.

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