TEA NEWS and TEA REVIEWS: Things are moving and shaking at Tea Studio

Website: Tea Studio
Twitter: @teastudio
Facebook: Tea Studio
Company location: London, UK

Exciting things are going on at Tea Studio. This month Whittington’s Tea Emporium (WTE) merged with Tea Studio. Founder of WTE, Kyle Whittington, will continue to run his very successful tea and food tasting events organised through Eventbrite, and he will be running matcha courses (one with Vivid Drinks), brewing classes, tea tastings, and tea and cake tastings. Whilst some of the planned tea and cheese tastings will be held at La Cave a Fromage locations around London and Brighton, Tea Studio has recently moved into a new studio that will allow it to hold most courses and tastings onsite.

Do keep an eye open as Tea Studio will launch a new website in July, as well as expand its tea line. One blend Tea Studio will start selling on its new website is Trinity Blend – a tea consisting of Keemun, Assam and Lapsang, which pays tribute to its new studio location near East India Dock, and to the change British tea went through in the 18th century as the Indian tea market opened up and became more prominent. I will review this tea when it is available on the website.

Today I’m reviewing four teas currently available for purchase on Tea Studio’s website: Ceylon Kenilworth, Green Tea (from Nepal), Oolong (from Vietnam) and Match Genmaicha.

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TEA REVIEWS: Two Wuyi oolongs and one Anhui Province green tea available at PekoeTea

PekoeTea logo Website: PekoeTea
Twitter: @PekoeTea
Facebook: PekoeTea
Instagram: pekoetea_edinburgh
Company location: Edinburgh, Scotland

PekoeTea is a family-run, Edinburgh-based tea and coffee company that sells tea, teaware, coffee and coffeeware both online and in its retail store. PekeoTea sources its teas from small companies and estates and is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Today I am reviewing two Wuyi oolongs and one Anhui Province green tea that are available for purchase at PekoeTea. To see the extensive collection that PekoeTea stocks, click here.
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TEA REVIEWS: 2015 spring teas at Teabox


Website: Teabox
Twitter: @TeaBoxInt
Facebook: Teabox
Blog: The Teabox blog
Company location: Siliguri, District Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

For the longest time I was a dedicated first flush Darjeeling man. Over the past year I’ve moved to the second flush side. While there are MANY bad second flushes out there (especially in cafes), a solid second flush is hard to beat. That said, I still love when the first flushes hit the market in the spring – it is like tea heaven! They are fresh, aromatic and get you in the mood for spring and warmer weather.

Today I’m reviewing three black Darjeelings and one oolong Darjeeling. These teas were picked between February and April.

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TEA REVIEWS: The Jade Leaf – Qi Lai Shan High Mountain and Zhen Cong Tie Guan Yin Oolong

Fullscreen capture 23052015 163351.bmp

Website: The Jade Leaf
Facebook: The Jade Leaf
Company location: Taipei, Taiwan

The Jade Leaf recently launched its new website, and you can now view all the teas and teaware that it stocks and order online. The website is extremely easy to navigate, and The Jade Leaf ships worldwide. In addition to stocking wonderful teas, the owner of The Jade Leaf, Emilio Delpozo, is an extremely talented artist. His teaware is stunning and you can check it out on the website.

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TEA REVIEW: Canton Tea Co – Green Dragon

Website: Canton Tea Co
Twitter: @cantontea
Facebook: Canton Tea Co
Company location: Bristol, UK

About 95% of the time I am not interested in reviewing flavoured teas, but this blend perked my interest because I enjoy these flavours (especially in Thai cuisine). Additionally, since this tea was blended by Phil Mumby, the Rare Tea Hunter, I knew it was worth trying.

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TEA REVIEWS: 2015 spring teas at Teasenz


Website: Teasenz
Twitter: @Teasenz
Facebook: Teasenz
Company location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

2015 teas are rolling in, and Teasenz is stocking an interesting selection. Today I will review one black tea, one green and two herbal infusions harvested this spring.

Teasenz is a Chinese-based company that carries a wide-range of teas and teaware. They ship internationally.

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TEA REVIEWS: New teas at Grey’s Teas


Website: Grey’s Teas
Twitter: @greysteas
Facebook: Grey’s Teas
Company location: Warwick, UK

Started in 2000 by Richard Grey, a descendant of Earl Grey, Grey’s Teas carries over one hundred teas. Today, I’m reviewing five of their newest teas – three green teas, one yellow and one oolong.

Grey’s Teas is also a supporter of  Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and donates 50 pence per order to the charity.

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