TEA BOOK REVIEW: Linda Gaylard’s The Tea Book


Gaylard, L. (2015) The Tea Book. 1st Ed. London: Dorling Kindersley Limited.
Price: £14.99

Linda Gaylard, who runs the website The Tea Stylist and is a certified tea sommelier and a widely-published author on tea-related topics, has recently written The Tea Book. The book provides an excellent foundation to explore the immense world of tea, and it is Gaylard’s ambition to provide an accessible introduction to tea for beginners and more seasoned drinkers.

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TEA INTERVIEW: Richard Grey of Grey’s Teas discusses the benefits of loose leaf teas


On the blog today, founder of Grey’s Teas, Richard Grey, discusses the benefits of loose leaf teas: why they taste better, how to prepare them and how they give tea drinkers more choice.

Grey’s Teas is an online tea vendor based in Warwickshire, UK. It sells over 100 loose leaf teas.

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TEA REVIEWS: Two 2015 Darjeelings at PekoeTea

PekoeTea -Darj
Website: PekoeTea
Twitter: @PekoeTea
Facebook: PekoeTea
Instagram: pekoetea_edinburgh
Company location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Some wonderful 2015 first flush Darjeeling teas have arrived at PekoeTea that are definitely worth trying. Today I’m reviewing two of these teas. These teas cup out vastly different flavours and show the diversity that can be found in first flush Darjeelings. The flavours in the Gophaldhara really grabbed my attention . . . read on to find out why  . . .
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TEA REVIEWS – New Yunnan teas at What-Cha

What-Cha Yunnan

Website: What-Cha
Twitter: @What_Cha_Tea
Facebook: What-Cha
Company location: London, UK

What-Cha recently got in a slew of Yunnan black teas, much to my delight. Today I’m reviewing six of the Yunnans What-Cha is stocking. The dry leaf of these teas are beautiful, and the flavours are equally dynamite.

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TEA INTERVIEW: Alex Holland, founder of Brew, a pub for tea

Brew 1
Last year I interviewed Alex Holland about his Tea and Alcohol tea cocktail pop-
up and loose-leaf tea company The Real Tea People. A few months later Alex
has returned with a new company name – Albion Tea and Brew, a pub for tea, which is currently raising funds on Crowdcube.

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TEA REVIEWS: Two black teas available at Pekoetea

PekoeTeaWebsite: PekoeTea
Twitter: @PekoeTea
Facebook: PekoeTea
Instagram: pekoetea_edinburgh
Company location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Today I’m reviewing two Indian teas available for purchase at PekoeTea. One tea is a real go-to morning tea that is full-bodied and sure to wake you up. The other tea is an Assam with great versatility and layers of flavour.
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TEA REVIEW: White 2 Tea – Big Tree Red


Website: White 2 Tea
Blog: White 2 Tea
Twitter: @TwoDogTeaBlog
Facebook: White2Tea
Instagram: white2tea
Company location: Beijing, China

While White 2 Tea was set up by ‘passionate puer devotees’, they also sell some brilliant black and oolong teas. Today I’m reviewing White 2 Tea’s Big Tree Red, a tea that instantly grabs your attention when you open the pack and see its full, twisted leaves that have some golden tips.

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